Workplace Massage

Seated Acupressure Massage works well in the workplace as it is a non-invasive treatment that is effective for anyone experiencing back, neck or shoulder tension. The massage is done through clothing whilst the recipient is seated on an ergonomically designed chair. The treatment is focused on the upper body and can include the back, neck, shoulders, arms and head. The massage techniques and acupressure points used during the treatment help to reduce muscular tension, can reduce the symptoms of headaches, help with focus & concentration and ease symptoms of stress and anxiety.

A meeting, conference room or spare office are ideal to places to offer treatments to employees but the massage chair can be erected within the office if such rooms are unavailable.

Company Benefits
Equipment supplied, just an adequate space needs to be made available.
Raise morale; employees will feel more valued
The company will be demonstrating their commitment and support to staff
Can help the workforce to be happier, more creative and focused in a revitalised working environment

Employee Benefits
On-site massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety and provide relief from neck, shoulder and back tension
Helps with concentration and alertness
Helps to relieve headaches and eye strain
Increases blood circulation
Helps to alleviate symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
Enables employees to feel relaxed

Treatment Time
5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute chair massage sessions can be arranged. In the office environment a 20 minute session is recommended but for special events, trade shows, product launches, corporate hospitality, employee staff days and staff incentives you may prefer a shorter session.
Some Employers allow their staff this time away from the working environment in addition to scheduled breaks whilst others allow them the treatment time in return for a shortened lunch or other break time.

Payment Options
There are three payment options for on-site massage services:
1. Fully funded as an incentive by the employer
2. Subsidised by the employer
3. The employee pays for the massage in full